Writing A Research Paper On Why Drinking Age Should Be Lowered To 18

The Overview of The Topic on Drinking and Age

Many people in America (and several other countries as well) have a drinking age that is over the age of 18. The drinking age in Japan, in fact, is 20, while in America and 11 other countries is 21. Many students in America, for example, believe that the drinking age should be lowered to the age of 18 because individuals are allowed to serve their country and go to war at the age of 18 but are not allowed to drink.

The Tone of The Paper

An essay about lowering the drinking age in America, for example, will be persuasive, argumentative, or a call to action paper. In other words, the writer will be trying to persuade the reader because of their beliefs about this subject.

The goal of this paper will be to present researched opinions to back up your own that will help you to construct a compelling and convincing argument and to back up your own assertions on this topic.

Structuring an Argumentative or Persuasive Paper

The structure of argumentative and persuasive essays is slightly different than other essays you might have encountered before. For one thing, you will be expected to logically and soundly present your argument and to keep any very personal feelings and emotions to yourself.

Also, you will be expected to acknowledge the “other side.” Every debate has two sides—one pro lowering the drinking age and one against the issue. What you have to do to write a convincing argument is to acknowledge the other side’s most obvious and compelling objection to your own, and to find a way to refute it.

For example, one of the major arguments against lowering the drinking age would be that it is not a medically healthy argument. And one by one they would list dangers to one’s mental and physical well being.

Here’s how to structure this type of essay.

  1. Introduction leading to a strong, persuasive or call to action (act now!) thesis

  2. Thesis statement goes at the end of paragraph one or paragraph two

  3. Body paragraphs listing the many reasons you believe the age should be lowered

  4. Acknowledge the other side’s major argument

  5. Refute them with your own reasoning

  6. Conclusion—sum up the case in the light of all you’ve said!

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