Top 15 Interesting Research Paper Topics For Kids

If you need to write a research paper then you may be wondering what topics are good to write about. If you have a look on the Internet then you may well find plenty of topics that are aimed at university students, rather than kids. If you’re still struggling for ideas, the following may give you some inspiration and ideas about how to think of topics, as well as a list of 15 interesting research papers for children.

Choose a fun topic to write about

If you’re trying to think about what topic to choose for your paper then ensure that whatever theme that your essay is based on is one that is fun to write about, as well as enjoyable to research. The more fun that you have whilst doing the work, the easier it will be to get the paper written.

Ask your friends what they are writing about

It can be a good idea to ask your friends what they are writing about, or even have a brainstorming session between you. This can help to inspire ideas of your own.

Look online for further ideas and sample papers

You may wish to also look for sample papers that have also been written and published on the internet. Not only can this give you good ideas of titles to use, but it may give you further inspiration for the content of your essay as well. Alternatively, for further ideas about what title to write about, then feel free to look at the topics listed below:

  1. Who are the most successful celebrities on social media?
  2. Do movies accurately depict what it is like to be a secret agent?
  3. How were the dinosaurs killed off?
  4. How are cartoons made?
  5. What are the most popular video games of all time?
  6. An in depth study of your favourite sports star?
  7. How do professional wrestlers lead their lives?
  8. A history of the yo-yo – a look at how the toy has developed over time
  9. Who are the most successful children’s authors of the 21 Century?
  10. Do children perform better at schools that don’t set homework?
  11. Do compulsory sports lessons make for better students?
  12. Should school students have a wider choice of sports at schools?
  13. Why do Scandinavian students so often come top of global educational league tables?
  14. Is skateboarding a legitimate sport?
  15. Should school children use tablets and laptops instead of exercise books?

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