The Top 15 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics On King Arthur

Myth, legend, or a romanticised true story? No matter your belief, the story of King Arthur still has the power to captivate people all around the world. Here are some topics to will take you to the most interesting depths of the legend.

  1. True or false:t doesn’t matter if Arthur really lived. What matters is that the British believe in his story.
  2. Round the table: How each of the Knights of the Round Table represent the seven virtues and seven vices.
  3. Power behind the throne: Could the apparently metaphorical Lady of the Lake merely be a disguise for Arthur’s mother, Eigyr?
  4. Pursuing the Holy Grail: Arthur’s pursuit of the last cup of Jesus is a relatively late addition to the legend. What did its author hope to gain by doing so?
  5. What’s in a Name: Arthur is a Welsh name. But where does it come from, and what does it mean?
  6. Otherworldly: Some of Arthur’s legends have Arthur assaulting the Welsh otherworld. Would this invite regarding him as a messianic figure?
  7. Merlin, Deity: There is some suggestion that Merlin was originally a British god.
  8. Passing: The legend holds that Arthur does not die, but is carried away by fairies to the Celtic otherworld. How critical is it to the legend that he should not die?
  9. Self-anointed: Arthur pulls the sword Excalibur from a stone with his own might, but is destined to do so. What is the symbolism of his acting in his own fate?
  10. Betrayal: Guinevere’s affair with Lancelot was a late addition to the legend. Why include such an emasculating element to the mythos?
  11. Democracy Tabled: What is the symbolism that Arthur’s knights should all be seated at a round table, which has no head, in an era long before democracy?
  12. Vixen: The key women in the Arthurian legend lack nobility: Vivian entombs Merlin, Guinevere betrays Arthur, and Morgan is a scheming witch. Why are there no pure, even maternal figures in the legend?
  13. Utopia: Camelot appears both as a figurative ideal and as the centre of Arthur’s realm. Why does the legend have it crumble?
  14. Ashes to Ashes: From Guinevere’s betrayal to the destruction of Camelot and the failure of the knights, Arthur’s legend is beset by tragedy and failure. That everything passes is a leitmotif of the British psyche.
  15. The Grey Knight: Lancelot is portrayed both as the best and the worst of Arthur’s knights. How does rising above a simplistic black and white portrayal enhance the legend?

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