Choosing Unexplored Research Paper Topics About 1930s 

The 1930s are an interesting historical period, usually known as the Depression era. Lots of marvelous research paper topics can be created using those years. To succeed, you should pick an idea that is already interesting to you. You will benefit even more if you choose an unexplored issue to cover in your paper. It is not very difficult to find something unique to research. Simply assess any issue from the past with a modern point of view, and you will definitely succeed. The following research paper topics are more likely to be unexplored, or at least not explored fully.

  • The Great Depression versus the current economic climate.
  • Compare the existing economic situation in your country with the events of those days. Look for similarities and differences.

  • Musical films in the 1930s and nowadays.
  • Why is that time period considered to be the golden age of musical films? Why was this genre so popular?

  • How do modern musicals differ from the films of those days? Women in the period of the Great Depression.
  • What roles did women play then? How were they treated?

  • 1930s fashion: exploring fads and trends.
  • Find out what people wore then. Try to find pictures of the fashion of that period. Analyze clothing preferences.

  • The New Deal: critical analysis.
  • How effective were the New Deal policies? Can any similar actions be taken to improve the current political climate in your country?

  • The Dust Bowl: short-term and long-term economic effects.
  • How did the severe dust storms of the Dirty Thirties reinforce the existing economic crisis? How did mass migration to California affect the situation in that region?

  • The Hoover Dam: analyzing the construction techniques.
  • The construction that took place in the 1930s cost over one hundred lives, and some of the techniques applied were unproven. Calculate how long the dam might last, and what can be done to improve the construction nowadays.

  • Researching the phenomenon of Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Find out who these two Depression-era criminals were. How can you explain their popularity nowadays?

  • The 1930s as the “Golden Age” of the Hollywood.
  • 1939, in particular, is regarded as one of the greatest years in the history of cinema. Why? What kinds of films were produced then? What scenarios were popular in those days?

  • John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, and its depiction of the Great Depression.
  • Analyze the symbols and characters of this novel. How effective was the author in showing the reality of the 1930s? Compare historic facts with the storylines of the novel.

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