What Is The Most Effective Strategy To Write My Research Paper?

If you are new to all of this, then writing a research paper for the very first time can seem like a horrendous task not dissimilar to having all of your teeth pulled by the dentist. You may love the idea of delving into your topic but hate the thought of actually having to pull it all together into one cohesive document. It is also a very personal thing to have to do. Like it or not you are revealing part of yourself to the world, albeit it a somewhat clinical and academic fashion.

So, on the off-chance that you are in need of a little assistance I am going to outline the most effective strategy for writing a research paper that I have found below:

Buy into the topic

If you have been steered towards a particular topic that you are not entirely comfortable with then chances are you are going to struggle. You need to be able to buy into your subject one hundred percent if you are to attack this project with the gusto and determination that it deserves. This is your masterpiece. You are going to spend weeks, possibly even months of your life immersed in it. So, make sure that you are writing about a subject that you are invested in.

Conduct your research with a view to the end result

Your studies can be broken down into several parts:

  • Your initial general research to ensure that the subject matter is viable.

  • Your in depth studies

  • Any last bits of information that you need to consolidate your understanding.

You need to keep your eye firmly on the prize at all times and not go wandering off down blind alleys that are not going to lead anywhere.

Write a full outline

Write your outline as if it were the main body of work. Don’t cut corners. By creating a comprehensive skeleton with no missing limbs you will be able to quickly identify the areas that need fleshing over.

Flesh it out

The outline is the difficult part. The fleshing out should be fun. This is your chance to be creative and put your own interpretation and spin on the whole thing. Take your time with this and you will be rewarded.

Cite all of your sources

The last thing that you want to find yourself embroiled in is accusations of plagiarism. Be sure to keep detailed records of any sources that you quote from and make sure that you follow the citation guidelines provided by your place of study to the letter.


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