Choosing Creative Research Paper Topics: Advice For Students

When it comes to writing a creative research paper one of the hardest steps happens before a student even begins the writing process: choosing a great topic. We’ve created this bit of expert advice for selecting and then narrowing a great idea for a research paper. Here’s what you need to know:

Focus a Broad Idea or Topic:

A great exercise to get started is to simply develop a tentative focus. Consider questions you may have developed throughout your time in class. If there was a subject area you enjoyed or one that confused you, you should easily be able to come up with a few things that you would like to explore further.

These tentative questions don’t have to be fully developed. You only need a starting point to get you to do a little background reading. Don’t spend too much time doing this reading, however. Simply searching online for an article or two or discussing with a group of friends should help steer you towards something that is more focused and precise.

Reading Through Your Class Syllabus:

Another great strategy used by experienced students is to read through your class syllabus as soon as you find out about your required assignment. There must be areas you have not yet covered, assigned readings you haven’t yet considered, and even recommended outside works that can help stir your creativity.

If you do identify a subject you would like to learn more about, speak with your professor to get a few suggestions. There’s no harm in taking his or her idea and adopting them as your own, just as long as you discuss the particulars and have your topic consideration approved.

Exploring Two Ideas at Once:

Our last piece of advice is that you do a little brainstorming and mix a couple of ideas to develop something entirely fresh. Write down a few terms from your readings and syllabus and find similarities or differences between two separate subjects. You might be able to think of new ways to bridge the two together in an academic manner that would make for a very appealing research paper topic.

Look outside of your classroom for ideas as well. Some subjects lend themselves to other things going on around the world. Do this same exercise with things you read about in the newspaper, find online, or hear about on the television. Narrow your focus until you’ve created something entirely new and get your approval.

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