Understanding The MLA Research Paper Format: Things To Know

If your tutor or professor has asked you to produce your paper in an MLA format, it means he is expecting a certain amount of attention to detail in the way your present your work. This means there are certain “laws” as such that you are required to follow and adhere to in order to get the best grade you can. If you visit this website, you will be able to read a more in-depth version of what is expected of you. However, below are some basic guidelines for you to understand.

  • Margins
  • Margins matter! Make sure that your margins are one inch from both the bottom and the top of your page. In addition to this, you must indent your paper one inch from the left border. You must indent half an inch extra when beginning a new paragraph in your paper. When using a quotation, it is important that if this quotation runs for more than four lines you indent the quotation an additional half inch without using any quotation marks.

  • Paragraphs and font
  • Your entire paper must be double spaced, and it is important that all paragraphs are double spaced also. The MLA research paper format requires you to write all text in Times New Roman, size 12 or in a similarly easy to read font. The safest option is to stick to Times New Roman.

  • Where to put your name?
  • At the beginning of your paper you need to ensure your name, professor's name, course name and date is present at the top left-hand side of your first page. In addition to this, your last name and the number of the page should be present in the top right-hand corner of every single page at half an inch from the top border. The title of your paper should be visible on the first page and centered at the top.

  • Citations
  • It is important to reference quotations even if they are in the text. In the reference italicize names of books, plays, poems, television shows, newspapers, magazines, web sites, databases, art and anything else of this nature. In addition to this, if there are two citations by the same author in one text it is important to provide more information to the reader i.e. page number, line number, etc.

  • The bibliography
  • The bibliography is a new task in itself. Custom research papers from a writing agency provide great bibliographies that show the exact format. The MLA format for a bibliography is not very different from other bibliography requirements. All sources should be alphabetically ordered, and all information about the source should be present. An example of a source in MLA format could be:

    Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Medium of Publication.

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