Helpful Directions For Creating An Argumentative Research Paper On Culture

The argumentative research paper is a long form essay that requires you to make an original argument – such as on culture – usually involving a great amount of analysis and evaluation of academic resources. The subject of culture can be discussed within a number of disciplines, making the subject one of the most common to write about. Here are helpful directions for creating a great argumentative research paper on culture:

Step 1) Generate Some Fresh Ideas

Start by coming up with some fresh ideas related to culture. There’s a lot to write about so it would help to develop a list of things that interest you and working from there. Narrow the focus of your topic to something that is manageable; you don’t want something that is too broad that you don’t have time to study it in its entirety.

Step 2) Develop a Draft Thesis Sentence

This is important and a key to keeping your academic study on track. Even if it changes later in the process it should provide enough guidance for your to develop a great paper on culture. Make sure it is direct and clear and presents your argument.

Step 3) Ensure Your Thesis is Arguable

When writing your thesis statement you should make sure that it is arguable. What is meant by this is that it needs to be something clear and direct as well as a statement that could argued against.

Step 4) Start Your Academic Research

At this point in your educational career you should be well aware that the only research you should be doing to search for academic resources at the library. Information found online can be helpful but one should never use it as credible resources.

Step 5) Develop and Write a Rough Draft

Procrastination is the college writer’s biggest enemy. Don’t wait to get started on your first draft. It should be written efficiently and quickly. Wait to make corrections in the next step; for now use momentum to carry your writing.

Step 6) Revise the Content of Your Paper

After setting your work aside for a few days, you should come back to it for a complete revision of the content. Your argument should always be improved through a revision, which includes rearranging, adding, or removing content.

Step 7) Edit and Proofread for Corrections

Finally, make sure that you completely edit and proofread your work. You can lose a letter grade by simply not checking to ensure you’ve used clear and direct English or submit an assignment that is full of errors.

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