Composing A Quality Research Paper About Video Games

It is universally agreed that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. For overall development of kids, academic welfare has to be phrased with a fair cauldron of sporting activities.

The changing times

For the last 50 years, video games have generated exciting fare for kids. Earlier, it would be monitors and joysticks; now it is consoles and keys. The means may have changed but the regard remains.

Addiction and lure

However, when you write a research paper on video games, you need to rope in the fact that the premise is addictive in nature. Thanks to the game developer’s acuity and constant stringing, there is no shortage of lure for kids.

Presenting the positives

In your research paper, you have to incorporate manifold perspectives. You should be entirely fair to its positive traits – It helps build camaraderie as kids are known to bond naturally over games; It sharpens the hand-eye coordination; It enhances motor and cognitive skills; It also hones the logical reasoning as most current games are strategic in nature.

The downsides

Your research paper should ponder over the negatives as well – It makes you dull and atrophies your muscles and limbs; It hampers your vision and vitiates your food habits; It also adversely impacts the well-being of your sleep.

Sophistication and economy

Nowadays, with the arrival of Roku, X-Box and PSPs, the video games have become more sophisticated. Your research, meanwhile, should address the times these appliances break and the overall impact on the economic factor. These gaming devices are anyway quite expensive. The recurring costs tend to make them a sort of white elephant for parents.

Adroit Methodology

You can conduct Methodology involving children from different strata and circles. You may assess the time they give to these games and the influence the games have o their attributes; they may become reserved; shy of playing outsides and reluctant towards household chores for starters. You should plan out strategic questions for the validity of your research.

Kids necessarily divide their evening into play and study time. Now, since videogames are addictive, it tends to spill into the study time in a not-so-inconceivable way. Thus, the education is considerably affected.

Case of suitability

You can carve out your research conclusions in a manner that suits both parents and children. Children should be encouraged to inculcate reading habits as also the habit of playing outside. This will naturally reduce the time-frame for video games.

Discrete use of technology

Any technology, when discreetly harvested, can be a blessing. It is only when we override its capacities and implications that we begin to deviate. Video games are not going to hurt kids if they know the limitations and stick to it.

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