Creating A Research Paper Proposal Literature Review: The Best Writing Techniques

Some instructors will ask that you propose your topic before completing it. They want you to develop an idea that you must present to them. This is a great way for the instructor to make sure that you have a good topic to write your research paper on. It is also a really good way to get you started. If you choose a topic that isn’t going to have enough information on it to create a successful paper, you are just going to add a lot of time and energy to your topic.

The proposal literature review section is where you will present the sources that you are going to use to prove your main point. It is not just a summary or a list of the sources that you already read through. Here are the best writing techniques that will help you create a successful proposal and literature review.

  • Each source that you plan on using to prove your main point needs to be listed. The more that you have that directly relate to proving your topic, the best chance you have of getting your topic approved.
  • You are going to need to give the credentials for the piece and also give a summary. You do have to go one step further though. You will need to show exactly how you will use the source to prove your point. That is part of the literature review process.
  • Get an example proposal with a literature review to get some good ideas on how to do this assignment. It is a very good idea and will help you with the formatting of your proposal as well as with the content.
  • Do not include pieces that don’t prove the thesis. These would be the sources that you may use as background information. These may be in the paper but they don’t have to be in the proposal. You need to put your concentration on proving that you have found and can find enough information to write a successful paper on your topic.

Once you have this part of the process done, you will be well on your way. It is essential to have done a lot of research on your topic and to have planned it out well. That way you can find a main topic to talk about and have an idea what resources you will use to prove it.

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