Where To Find Good Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples

A thesis statement is your interpretation or opinion on the subject that you have chosen for the research. It is through the thesis statement a student expresses or presents his or her stand on the chosen topic.

It is also necessary to remember that whatever statement you put forward may not find acceptance with every reader, and that is why you will be required to convince and prove your point to the readers by providing the relevant evidences and also significant data backing your statement from reliable sources. Your arguments will be based on the statement that you have made at the beginning, and the conclusion reiterates the now proven statement, more like a fact than a mere opinion.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is not the topic itself but an interpretation of the subject. For example if the subject matter of your research is Trends In The Equity Market, then a thesis statement would be your understanding of or opinion on the subject. And the rest of the paper would be seek to establish your point of view by levelling relevant arguments, examples and justifications.

The main purpose of a research paper is to prove what one feels about a particular subject of interest. A statement is generally written following a standard pattern, which ensures that the intention behind the research is rightly conveyed. It should be made as specific and clear as possible. Use of vague words which do not otherwise hold any connection with the subject would simply ruin the readers’ impression on the research work.

Where to find good thesis statement examples?

  • Good examples of thesis statements are available on the internet now. You will come across a number of websites where you will find examples which can be applied for preparing your own statement for your research paper. These websites are generally free sites and do not charge anything. Whereas there are some other websites that archives high quality materials for download that might require you to register with the site. Even though you will be spoilt for choices on the net, not all the websites are equally reliable. Thus before you choose a site to take examples from make sure you have verified its quality and standard from those who know.

  • You can also search your University Library for samples which might be of help.

  • Asking a senior to allow you to go through his or her paper would not also amount to be asking for too much.

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