A List Of New Research Paper Topics About To Kill A Mockingbird

If you have read, studied and contemplated Harper Lee’s novel, you should be in a pretty good place to select your essay subject. No? Am I wrong? Do you not have a clue where to begin and what to write about? Perhaps you feel that you didn’t fully grasp all parts of the novel? Maybe you don’t know where on Earth to begin with this project!

Well, know it will all be all right- there’s no need to panic. Take a deep breath, focus on the task at hand and ask yourself what areas of the book interested you the most. Which characters did you resonate most with? What storylines or moralities did you identify with most? If you choose a topic that you’re passionate about, this will most certainly come across in your writing and will help engage the reader more.

Now, remember this is also a research assignment, so although your theme should be something that is of interest to you and which you can make a presentable case for, the essay still needs to be based in research. Using the book itself as citation to back up your claims will most certainly be part of the research you conduct, but of course you’ll also need to study other people’s and institutions’ thoughts on the topic at hand.

If you really have no idea where to even begin in picking your topic, then here are some great ideas to get you started. Unfortunately it won’t do you any good to just pick one of these though- you need to be fresh in your thinking if you want to create a truly great essay; but these examples should point you in the right direction:

To Kill A Mockingbird:

  • Why Atticus Finch has endured as one of the great moralistic heroes of literature for over half a century.
  • The impact the novel had on improving racial equality sociologically.
  • Racial inequalities during the lifetime of Harper Lee.
  • Did attitudes towards rape change after the publication of the novel, and how much was the book responsible for a shift in public awareness?
  • Is the book an accurate description of The Great Depression?
  • Truman Capote’s influence on Harper Lee’s work.
  • Harper Lee said that her novel is not an autobiography, but more an example of how an author "should write about what he knows and write truthfully". Examining this statement in context to the fictional and based-on-truth parts of the novel.
  • Why the narration style is key to the novel’s success.
  • Was Lee’s cinematic, visual style of writing conveyed in its translation in the movie adaptation?
  • Exploring the book as a coming of age story.

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