What Should I Know About Crafting A Purpose Statement For A Research Paper?

Research papers can be quite engaging to work on and many promising students simply can’t wait to get into the thick of it. This isn’t to say that the activity isn’t rife with hardships, it just means that many people consider the rewards of advancing knowledge is worth the effort required for success in most academic ventures. For this reason, it is best to start practicing your paper writing skills from the earliest possible date.

When conducting research, of any kind, the most important step on the way to success is clearly defining the purpose of your venture. With your purpose clearly defined, you are able to develop the most efficient methods of proceeding to increase your chances of success. Consider the following points to find out the most important aspects of constructing a research paper purpose statement :

  1. Your field of study
  2. The field of study will determine many things about the steps you take, on your way to a conclusion. Depending on your field of study, different format styles may be better suited for your paper. Familiarize yourself with the common practices of academics in your field.

  3. Your hypothesis
  4. This statement is a practical assumption about your topic of study. With this statement, you are able identify conditions to be tested in order to prove your assumption to be right or wrong.

  5. Your conditions to be tested
  6. As stated before, these conditions must be put to the test, at the end, you will be able to determine whether or not your have attained a clear understanding of the subject. Always be very clear on what the conditions are and how you can go about testing them properly.

  7. How you intend to gather your information
  8. Your method of gathering information may vary, depending on what the study is focused on. For example, research sometimes requires experimentation, at other times, a lot of reading.

  9. The reason for your interest in the topic
  10. By providing a reason for your interest in this topic, you can present the same conditions that inspired you to pursue this course of study. This can help them to better understand the project, making it much easier for them to follow you.

  11. What you hope to accomplish if you succeed.
  12. We don’t simply conduct large scale academic projects, for the fun of it. You must have a clear goal in mind, to make the venture wroth the hard work.

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