Top 15 Term Paper Topics On Management For High School Students

Writing a paper on management should not be such a problem for students in high school. It is actually one of the simplest things that you need to do. The reason for this is because this kind of a paper allows you to think about the future. The following are some simple term paper topics that you can choose to work on:

  1. Discuss the importance of management in running your school
  2. Explain how the top management can influence the daily decision making of an entire organization
  3. Discuss a few reasons why top level management often get fired
  4. Explain the role of management in the interactions of the business and the customers
  5. Discuss how the management of a store you know about can implement a KYC strategy to better serve their customers
  6. Given the chance, how [would you as a manager run a large chain of stores and make sure that it turns good returns in a month?
  7. Discuss how management needs to act in order to impart proper learning skills to the students who are still in school, and who might sometime want to work for their companies in the future
  8. As a student you will be expected to intern at some company at some point in life. Provide a detailed description of the kind of work environment you are hoping to find, and discuss how the management of the firm will contribute to this work environment
  9. It is never easy letting staff go, but some managers apparently find it to be a very easy thing to do. Discuss how you would go about letting go of staff from your workforce as a manager
  10. Explain how in your position as a manager you would be able to convince your employees to take a wage cut,
  11. as opposed to having some of them getting laid off to sustain the current wage levels
  12. Discuss the importance of protocol in the chain of command in management
  13. Explain how time management skills you learn right now can be effective to you in the future when running a business
  14. Discuss the difference in the role of a general manager and the CEO
  15. Explain how the board of directors will influence the decision of a manager
  16. Discuss a few CSR ideas that you would implement if you were to run a high end tech company

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