Writing Lessons: Characteristics Of A Good Research Paper

In school, students are taught for a given number of hours and then they take a break of change the subject with a new tutor coming in. This is a commonality almost everywhere in the world. However, while lectures would either turn out bad or good, the question you should ask yourself as a student is how are you supposed to gain maximally from them? In every way you may want to avoid it, writing is a compulsory skill which every student must be well-endowed with, except that the skill level will always vary from one student to another and this is what informs the difference in performance levels among students. How often do you attend writing lessons? What types of academic papers are you expected to write? These are among the many questions that have continued to bother many students who are grappling with the reality of registering poor grades every now and then. Also, you need to ask yourself, are you getting the best out of your class lessons and if not, what do you need to do to sharpen your literary composition prowess? Research paper writing has remained an integral part of part of academic from high school through to tertiary learning institutions. However, the challenges this has always posed to many students means a lot need to be done so that weaker leaner is at par with the good student. In this article, we take a look at characteristics of a good term paper to start you off.

Addresses a knowledge gap/problem

There are many reasons why a research can be conducted with the main ones being to address a gap in the existing field of knowledge. Well, on this, a major feature of a study is drawn in which it must be seen to have fulfilled the purpose for which it was initiated. Researchers don’t just out into the profession for nothing, but to seek solutions to everyday problems. Your paper should therefore have a justification for purpose fulfillment.


A field study paper should be able to cover in detail and thoroughly what it was intended. On this premise, inclusivity of an academic paper means it ought to incorporate every aspect considered pivotal for the study.


When you go out to conduct a field a study be it academic or professional, finding should not be duplicate of what exists but fresh knowledge.

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