The History Research Paper Structure: How To Write An Introduction And Conclusion

Now that you have already learned how to write a very good history paper, it is also important for you to lay an emphasis on some of the most important parts that perhaps not so many people ever really come to think about. When you are working on the history paper, there are a lot of times when students will consider spending so much time on their literature and the body of the paper in general, to the detriment of the introduction and the conclusion. You must realize that these two parts of the paper are equally important and for the same reason you must make sure that you treat them with the respect that they deserve, so that you can have a better shot at getting as much marks from this as possible.


This is the first part of your paper that your teacher will look into as soon as they have gone through the title. This is one of the most important parts of your work, because it gives the reader a good idea of what to look forward to, in terms of the summary of main points that you are going to discuss in the paper. It is always a good thing to make sure that you focus on the introduction because when someone reads through it, they can already make up their mind on what to expect of your work.

Many are the students who have failed not because they wrote a terrible paper, but because their introduction did not live up to standards. Consider a situation where a teacher has hundreds of papers like yours to go through, and you will understand why it is important for you to ensure that you do get to study this section and write it well.


Once you are through with all the other sections, you need to take some time and look at how to finally structure the last bit of your paper. Remember that your teacher has gone through the paper and has noted some of the important points that you raised. For this reason by the time they are going through the conclusion, what they are trying to find out is whether you have been able to finish off your arguments conclusively. This is what the conclusion of your paper is supposed to do.

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