Organizing A Proper Outline For A Research Paper About The Death Penalty And/Or Capital Punishment

Most essays students are assigned follow one of two general structures: an informative essay structure or a persuasive/ argumentative structure.

An informative essay on the death penalty could be one that is informative. For example, you might tell us something that informs us about all the states that have the death penalty, or something about how many states still use certain forms of capital punishment. You might also tell us about how many states still use very violent forms of execution, such as firing squads and the electric chair.

An informative essay on the death penalty and/or capital punishment would be organized like this:

  • Introduction-here you use something that immediately grabs the readers attention and follows with equally interesting / dramatic sentences that lure your reader in and make them want to read more. This would be especially easy with the death penalty. Your first sentence could go something like this: Do you know how many states still use the gruesome form of capital punishment known as the electric chair. With this form of the death penalty, the offender is shocked by volts of electricity that . . .
  • Your thesis statement (which often is placed after four to five introductory sentences that lead to it at the end of paragraph one).
  • Example thesis statements for an informative essay on the death penalty might go “In this essay, I’m going to discuss methods of executing prisoners that need to be abolished because of their gruesome methods.”
  • Body paragraphs which make your points in the topic sentences and then back them up with solid evidence from researchers.
  • Closing paragraph. A good way to begin these and move to a great close is to bring your essay into the very present moment of the topic. “Recently, for example, one prisoner who was being executed.” Or perhaps widen the scope—Other countries other than America often have even more gruesome forms . . . Or point to a country that doesn’t have such measures, perhaps, suggesting that we could model ourselves after them.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays differ only in some respects. You argue something specific, like the death penalty should be abolished. You are seeking to change your reader’s mind. And before moving to your final paragraph, you must acknowledge and debunk the opposing side’s major argument against y

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