How Do You Write An Abstract For A Research Paper In APA Format?

The abstract of your research paper is an extremely important part of your research paper. It is put on the second page of your paper immediately after your title page. Many professors will specify which citation style they want for your thesis so you must make sure you are aware of the parameters of whichever style they are requesting. Also make sure you check the requirements each time you do an assignment because there may be changes or updates in the parameters at any time so a paper you may have completed a few years ago or even last semester may have had some slight changes over what they are currently. Use your resources effectively so you complete your paper appropriately. Here is some information on how to write an abstract for your research paper if your professor requires it to be written in the APA citation format style.

  • As stated in the beginning, the abstract is located on the page after the Title page.

  • It should be anywhere from 150 to 250 words and should be all one paragraph. Do NOT indent the first word of the paragraph as you will do with the rest of the paper.

  • The paragraph should be typed in Times New Roman and double-spaced just like the entire paper.

  • Margins should be set at one inch all the way around the paper

  • The title of the abstract should be centered at the top of the page but should not be the same title as the research paper and then there should be no space at all between that and the paragraph of the abstract itself. Don’t use any special fonts such as italics, bold, underlining or quotation marks

  • APA guidelines state you should allow two spaces after each sentence that ends with a period and only one space if there is different punctuation.

  • Present tense should be used to describe any implications you may have or what the conclusion is in your abstract but the rest of your abstract should be in an active voice and use the past tense.

The contents of your abstract should include the main points, the purpose of your paper, any methods or experiments you used to come up with your findings, your findings or results and your conclusion. Because of this, the abstract should be the last thing you write when completing your research paper. For further information on how to create your abstract, check this website.

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