A Research Paper Outline Template For College: Get A Good Grade With Ease

An outline is the road map or a blueprint for your entire research paper that will help you stay on the right direction while creating your work. It is a good method to organize your ideas and arguments, which you have to include in certain sections of your paper. You should not confuse this with a mini version or a summary of your paper rather it points out all the major points for each section. We understand that a research paper involves critical thinking and analyzing tons of data before selecting your final material. If you have a lot of raw material to begin with, you need to arrange it in the specific places to see where it fits. After you analyze your data and choose the one that you need, you will still have plenty of information to feed the reader all at once. You need to create a structure and assign the relevant data to relevant places so that it can be organized in sorted into right places for your future reference as well following a logical order in the assignment

A good outline will help you reduce time and efforts by a significant amount because this is a major section and after completing this, you have less than half of the work remaining. This makes your work load less and your task much easier. If you want to create a great outline for your paper, then you should think of the following sections

  1. The title of your paper on the top of your assignment, the style guidelines for this will vary with different formats
  2. The thesis statement that you have developed for your assignment
  3. The major arguments in your assignment that you have developed by breaking down your thesis statement (indicated by numerals like I, II, III IV, V etc.)
  4. The supporting evidence for your major points that will give evidence for your major points. You will present this evidence by capital Alphabets like A, B, C, D etc.
  5. The first Roman numeral should be the introduction of your paper. You need to pick which evidence and data you will use in this section to hook your readers. This gives a brief overview of the topic and the scope of your work
  6. The last Roman numeral will be the conclusion where you summarize the entire paper in a precise manner

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