How To Pick Up Research Paper Topics On The United States History: Useful Guidelines

Writing a research paper requires time and organization by the writer. It is likely that a professor or teacher assigned it to you. You can use this opportunity to discover more about a certain time period in American history that you found incredibly fascinating. Below is a guideline about how to go about writing the paper along with general topics to pick from.

  1. Understand your assignment and pick a topic
  2. Your professor will pose a question that you may need to answer. However, there will be moments when they give you free reign with the topic. Do not be shy about picking a topic that you enjoy. While doing this, keep in mind that you should be able to find sources and enough information about that topic and narrow it down.

  3. Formulate a thesis statement
  4. The statement can be made based on the question you have been assigned or based on the information that you found regarding your chosen topic.

  5. Find sources that support thesis
  6. You need these sources. They will be very important in getting your point across to your audience.

  7. Find sources that contradict thesis
  8. By adding sources that contradict your statement, you are demonstrating to your reader that you thought of both sides of the thesis statement. Do not let this be the main focus. Give it a paragraph or two and move on.

  9. Complete outline
  10. With any writing, having an outline keeps your work organized and keeps you focused on the question. Organization is key.

  11. Write paper
  12. The paper should include:

    • i. A thesis
    • ii. An introduction
    • iii. Background information
    • iv. Main points with supporting evidence
    • v. Points that contradict your thesis
    • vi. Conclusion
  13. Provide citation
  14. Citing sources in the proper style (your professor will let you know what style that is) gives your paper some credibility. Remember you are using reliable sources to back up your claim so make sure you give those sources the attention they deserve.

  15. Provide additional resources
  16. Additional resources are for your readers who may wish to look further into the information that you provided. It will allow them to form their own opinion about your thesis or topic.

The subject of United States History covers a vast amount of information. Here are a few specific topics that you can research about:

  • The American Revolution
  • The Expansion West
  • World War I
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Women’s Suffrage

You can pick your research based on an era, a specific event, or a social trend.

When writing about anything, in general, make sure that you keep your audience in mind. Write in a clear and concise language. The United States has a rich history, and there is a topic out there that is just waiting for you to bring information about it to light.

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