How To Write A Research Paper Methodology

(Step – by – Step Instruction)

In writing a research paper methodology, some important notes should be included to make sense of it all. Some major factors to consider include;

  1. Topic. This is an essential part of any research methodology work. It defines the content of the research hence it should be:

    • Clear and straight to the point. Be cautious in choosing your topic as it may render the whole paper irrelevant earning you zero points. Make sure the topic matches the rest of the content in the essay.

    • Do a small research on the topic to make sure it has a wide area to cover a well explained paper.

    • It is important for the topic to be self explanatory. Use simple terms to state your topic.

  2. Make drafts before you finalize on the final copy. A good thesis entails a lot of rough work so be ready to make a number of drafts to enable you draw the final best copy of the report. In the drafts you will compare and adjust your methodology to the standardized fair copy.

  3. Stating your thesis. This is the root of the research report hence it should be stated in a very careful way. Make sure it matches and explains the topic in details. In some cases you might be required to explain some terms hence be conversant with the type of report you are writing and where and when to explain or define the terms.

  4. Organize your work well. A good methodology report requires a very clear flow of events and ideas. Mixing and confusing the flow will mix-up the entire report rendering it irrelevant and out of topic. The chronology of events in a methodology report starts from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and it will never take the opposite of this format. To avoid getting confused in work organization, you will have to note down the flow and mark them after completing.

  5. In the final draft, make sure you have a clear introduction and a summary as well. Go through your work and make sure you have every detail down. In some cases, the reader will judge your work by the kind of introduction you have so it is important to come up with a very catchy introduction, be clear and state the thesis orderly to give the reader no room to overlook your work.

In general, a good research methodology requires diligence, time and patience to have it impress the readers. Be cautious of slight mistakes and never rush it up as you will be exposing yourself to errors.

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