The Main Rules Of Research Paper Writing: Tips From An Expert

Research paper writing assignments begin in elementary and middle school and extend throughout the college years. It should not matter where the writing is being done; the main rules are always the same. The only difference between elementary, middle, high school, and college research paper writing should be the length and depth of the paper itself. These are the rules that should be taught at all levels of major project writing:

  • Find legitimate sources: All too often students look for the first source they can find, which is usually a source that has paid money to show up at the top of the search engine page. Many of the best sources do not show up on the first page of search engines; they show up in specialized research apps where professional journals are stored. Students need to be taught how to determine a quality source from a source that is just trying to make money.

  • Cite the sources: Project writing is about finding sources and using those to prove a point. Therefore, the research that was found needs to be properly documented. Without it, students are stealing information - plagiarizing. It is not difficult to properly cite sources, so students need to learn the techniques so they do not get in academic trouble.

  • Come up with something new: The research has already been conducted; so, your writing project should not just regurgitate facts. You need to use the facts to come with a new realization. The facts that you find should help prove the validity of your idea. Without a new idea, your paper will be just another encyclopedia entry on the same-old topic.

  • Be organized: Research papers do have specific organization styles. It is important that students know how to organize what they are trying to say by presenting their ideas in a logical format. There are several different ways to organize logically, so teachers should show their students the rules that apply.

  • Write clearly, revise, and edit: Bad writing is difficult to read and understand. The purpose of writing is to communicate, so students should recognize this. They are not just writing for the sake of being busy. They are writing to convince their readers that their ideas are correct. If students can keep this purpose in mind, they will better recognize the importance of the writing process of drafting, revising, editing, and repeating until the paper is acceptable.

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