Crafting A Strong Thesis Statement For A Research Paper About Adoption

If you are crafting a strong thesis statement for research paper about adoption there are a few things that you should know.

  • Writing your thesis statement is a very important endeavor. The reason for this is that your thesis needs to present your topic, provide your point of view, and summarize the argument you're going to make all in one very condensed sentence.

  • A strong research paper needs to establish your claim first and foremost and then provide the exact research, examples, and logical reasoning to prove the thesis you are purporting.

  • Your statement needs to be a unifying element at the very beginning of your paper, one which helps to better refine the information you are presenting to your reader.

  • When you are working on this aspect of your writing you want to start off simply. Try and explain to a friend in one sentence what your content is about. Try to explain exactly what it is you want to write about in as few words as possible. If you can do this when you are well on your way to crafting something very effective. But if it takes you one or two or sometimes even three sentences you may need to spend some time refining that single sentence. You want to try and answer the single question of "what do I want to prove?"

Try and focus what you are writing on a limited aspect of your paper. But remember to be flexible because if your research begins to indicate that the perspective or the hypothesis you have might be incorrect or might be headed in the wrong direction, you have to be accepting of this and you have to not only change the hypothesis but change the thesis. You want to gain approval by her instructor before you start on any of your research. This is one of the best ways to make sure that what you have written on the topic of adoption meets with all of your requirements. By writing about adoption and getting approval before you conduct your happy research you can avoid making a big mistake and traveling down the wrong path. And on the note of mistakes, avoid using first person. You do not have to include phrases such as "I will prove" because your teacher already knows that the paper comes from you and therefore you are the one who is going to prove something. Simply take that part out of the sentence and continue on with the latter half of the sentence.

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