7th Grade Research Paper Topics: Best Suggestions From An Expert

One of the biggest challenges that some middle school students face is choosing an excellent research paper topic. Often, the major issue is deciding what to write about, with the vast number of topics available. If you struggle with this, here are a few manageable 7th grade research paper topics to get you started.

  • Why don’t big birds fly?- This is a great exploratory topic. Consider birds like the ostrich and emu. Why don’t they fly?

  • Cell Phone Usage- What is an appropriate age for a child to have a cell phone? Should middle school students have their own cell phone? Should limitations be put in place?

  • Domestication- At one time, all the animals of the world (even cats and dogs) were wild. How did humans domesticate them and why?

  • Bullying- Do you have any experience with bullying? Share your story. How does it affect middle school students and what initiatives should be put in place to prevent it?

  • PG-13 Movies- At what age should it be acceptable for kids to watch PG-13 movies? Why do you think this is a good age?

  • Independence- At what age should kids start making their own decisions? What decisions are appropriate for a 7th grader to make without their parents?

  • Amount of Schooling- Do you think you spend too long in school, or not long enough? If you believe the school day should be shorter or longer, be sure to explain why. If you think the current system works, explain why.

  • Animal Communication- How do different animals communicate? Can they communicate to different species?

  • Recycling- Should it be mandatory for schools, or even whole communities to recycle? Does your school have a plan in place? If not, come up with a recycling plan.

  • Nocturnal Animals- Why are some animals active at night, while others are active during the day? What determines this?

  • Praying in School- Should praying in school be allowed? Why or why not?

  • Leading an Active Lifestyle- Why is physical activity important? List some good ways to be active and have fun, or discuss some of the ways you are active with friends.

Choosing a research topic does not have to be difficult. Choose one of these or branch off and choose your own. With the right topic, any research paper has the potential for success.

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