20 History Term Paper Ideas: Choosing The Best Title

Coming up with a good title for you history term paper can be challenging for a number of reasons. First, you have to be precise about the events you’re going to describe. Then, you have to support your title with historical data or sources. Finally, for a good paper you will have to write about an idea that sparks interest in you. Combining those three factors can seem like an impossible task. Therefore, it may be a good idea to check the list of 20 history term paper title ideas to get your mind going:

  1. The role of Catholicism in general rate of people’ literacy after the Dark Ages.
  2. The ever-going story of the Afghanistan conflict: changes that happened in the 21st century.
  3. The scientific revolution and its influence of the society of today.
  4. The Middle Ages: the heritage that still haunts our morals and beliefs.
  5. The Renaissance era: major events that shaped the art, culture, and science of today.
  6. 20th century terrorism: origins, main personas, and the world nowadays.
  7. Women’s social status throughout the ages: from the mediaeval society to the 21st century era of feminism.
  8. Root causes and effects of the 2008 financial world crisis.
  9. Disease outbreaks in the Middle Ages and now: a comparative study.
  10. Human longevity and world economy: how people living longer affects global economic situation.
  11. The use of technology in history studies: how the development of digital devices and application help the scientists learn about the past in a much faster way.
  12. Science and women’s role in it throughout the ages.
  13. The discovery and development of the nuclear weapons and their effect on diplomatic relations between major countries.
  14. The period of colonialism in Europe: the causes and influence it had on social and economic development of the participating countries.
  15. China’s 20th century technological revolution and the role overpopulation and strict economic politics played in it.
  16. The starting point of the Gulf War and what did it lead to: main events and personas.
  17. The first major armed conflict of the 20th century: World War I, and various historic versions of its start.
  18. The Cold War between USA and USSR: the competition of technology, boasting and implications.
  19. The world of today and the western industrial revolution: the great influence that still lingers centuries ago.
  20. The development of digital devices and its effect on the pace of technology in the 20th century.

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