Research Paper Ideas For College: Top 15 Suggestions

By the time you get to college you should be an expert at creating research papers. Hopefully your high school career gave you the skills to create great papers. Once you are in college you will be doing more detailed papers that deal with different topics then what you did in high school. Here are some ideas for research papers in college:

  1. Do you think college athletes should be paid?

  2. How has the internet changed the way college students complete their assignments?

  3. Have cell phones and texting hindered the communication skills of today’s students?

  4. Should the national anthem be played before school events?

  5. Is it a good idea to take a year off between high school and college?

  6. Should all college education be free like in high school?

  7. Should all college athletes be tested for steroid use?

  8. Should full contact football be sanctioned at the college level?

  9. Should the government step in and try to curtail bullying or should it be handled at the local level?

  10. Should drug dealers be held responsible for overdose deaths of the users that purchase drugs from them?

  11. Should we limit reporter’s ability to invade the privacy of public figures?

  12. Should the legal drinking age be raised or lowered from 21?

  13. Are sexual assaults on campus increasing or are people just reporting them more often?

  14. Is there still a wage gap between women and men?

  15. Do our children study enough or are we falling behind students in other countries?

You will probably be required to do more thorough research once you get to college. You should have numerous sources to recognize. You should also look to other sources besides the internet for your information. Your biggest ally when doing papers is creating an outline. Many students think it is a waste of time but it really plans out your entire paper. It also allows you to organize your main points in the best way possible in order to get your point across. With an outline you can move things around to see which way things make more sense. It also makes sure you don’t forget anything important.

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